ReiNX 2.0 CFW supports Nintendo Switch 6.2

The developer Reisyukaku has just updated his custom firmware ReiNX which as you know is destined for the Nintendo Switch. This new version now supports the latest firmware 6.2.0 of the Nitendo Switch. SX OS 3.0 also will come soon and support Nintendo Switch 6.2, So, ReiNX 2.0 VS SX OS 3.0, which is the best CFW ON Nintendo Switch 6.2? Answers on the below.

ReiNX v2.0 released with full support for 6.2.0 firmware

The developer Reisyukaku, the creator of ReiNand on 3DS, has publicly released a new update of ReiNX CFW for Nintendo Switch in version 2.0 with full support for 6.2.0 firmware.

The CFW has standard features such as loading KIP, Homebrew menu (via album) and LayeredFS support. Of course, on board there are patches for signatures and ES patches for the installation of unsigned tickets and system modules come from Atmosphère. In this version, 53 commits from github have been added and support for all current firmware versions for the system.

The CFW also comes with other features such as loading KIP, the homebrew menu via photo album and layeredFS support. There is also patches for installation of unsigned tickets and system modules from atmosphere.

Warning: if you want to enable the Nogc patch, create a blank file “Nogc” (without extension) in the/ ReINX folder.


Insert the folder Reinx in the root of the switch sd card and run ReinX.bin with your favorite fusee launcher.


  • Naehrwert for the hardware initialization code and generally useful!
  • CTCaer and st4rk also for their contribution to the hardware code!
  • SciresM for kernel processes!
  • The community for your support!


  • Upload all KIPs from the folder /ReiNX/sysmodules/
  • Optional custom kernels / secmon / warmboot
  • Predefined kips with exir redir from /ReiNX/title/{t

Not much is written in the changelog Other than 6.2 support, but we will update it later as soon as we get the full run down.

SX OS 3.0 will come soon for Nintendo Switch 6.2

While Atmosphere, ReiNX, and Hekate now fully support 6.2.0 firmware, only the Team Xecuter SX OS has not been updated. But that will soon change, Team Xecuter has just teaser the arrival of the SX OS 3.0 with the support of the latest firmware from the Nintendo Switch.

How the Team proceeded, it has simply changed its official website through the update of the “what’s new”

Welcome To Our New Team-Xecuter Community Support Forums!

Where all of our loyal users gather to discuss our products and get support and help each other out!

PLEASE NOTE: This will be our (soon-to-launch) Super-Smashing TX Community Forums, which we are currently preparing to go alongside our next editions of SX OS releases, which will of course include full support for the latest v6.2 Nintendo Switch firmware, along with more smashing new features as usual with each new release from your caring TX development team!

As usual people have been contacting us for ETA, when there is news you will see it as usual on our TX Front-Page, in the meantime, please use our current outdated TX Forums, which are still fully active and packed full of useful tips and tutorials, and hope you enjoy watching the video below, and refreshing this page hourly!

Is SX OS 3.0 the best CFW to hack Nintendo Switch 6.2?

Now that all CFWs are compatible with the Nintendo Switch v6.2 (except RajNX for now), what is the best choice for cracker NX completely?

the hacker Jbam said:

It is not missing that SX OS … it is past or the very good ReiNX?

If not in the new things that will propose sx os 3.0, would not there be precisely the hack of the news switch?

By cons the question that I ask is why other CFW still do not offer XCI, emunand and USB support?

and another player pointed out below:

  • The game NSP must copy it on the SD CARD then install on the Nand or Sd card and frankly it’s long depending on the game.
  • The launch of an XCI game is much simpler and no need to install it on the NAND and suddenly this is yet another protection.
  • The support of USB is really great for the support of large libraries, not to mention emunand which is really a big plus for protection.


If you want to better enjoy the Nintendo Switch hack, the CFW SX OS is absolutely the best choice! Now SX Pro and other r4 /3ds flashcard are on sales on, Christmas is coming, you can contact to get special coupon code to buy any products on our site.


Which is the cheapest site to buy SX OS or SX Gear in USA?

As we know that a Nintendo Switch has been hacked by a new product named SX PRO or SX OS. The SX OS is really popular to hack the Switch firmware 6.1.0, and it’s a software code for hacking a Switch. So, Which is the cheapest site to buy SX OS or SX Gear in USA? following us, we can share the answer with you.

What’s Xecuter SX Gear ?


Now there are SX PRO, SX OS and the SX OS CFW released by Team Xecuter, now it will release another product for hacking or modding Nintendo Switch firmware consoles. That is the SX Gear, it is the SX Pro copy version without the built-in OS license code, and greatly useful for people who have got lots of OS codes but without the SX Pro.

The SX Gear is also compatible with the third-party payloads, if you want to run other Switch firmware like the Atmosphere on your console, the SX Gear can support it too. But currently only on the TX SX OS CFW, we can play retail game card backups and eshop games.

SX Gear is made of the SX Gear USB dongle and RCM jig as well as the SX Pro. However, it’s an empty SX Gear dongle, so it’s much cheaper and can be used on different Nintendo Switch consoles. The Xecuter SX Gear is currently in Pre-order status, if you want to buy and get it faster, you can just order from

Why buy SX GEAR for Switch 6.1 ?

  • It’s compatible with the SX OS code and the third-party payload.
  • Support booting any CFW payload on Switch to run free custom firmware.
  • Enable loading SX OS CFW on different Switch consoles to play free games and run homebrews.
  • Lower price with the same quality SX Pro dongle and jig.
  • Plug and play, once you get the OS code or third-party payload.
  • Continuous support from Team Xecuter.

Crack Switch 6.1 with SX OS ?

As we know, the SX OS is confirmed to pirate the Switch 5.1 perfectly. So, for the new update Nintendo Switch firmware 6.1, how to update the SX OS to version V2.2.1? The TEAM Xecuter group has received comments from some expert users who are the first users of the next firmware update 6.1. And we guess that the next firmware update probably makes all third-party professional controllers unusable.

So, does the SX OS support cracking the Switch firmware V6.1 yet? According to the latest V2.2.1, this SX OS CFW is compatible with the first users of firmware 6.1. So the SX OS can be compatible with Switch V6.1.0.

Which is the cheapest site to buy SX OS or SX Gear in USA?

At first, there are too many websites in the market to sell the products from However, it’s hard to find a good and professional website. Fortunately, you can find a good source from the official reseller, and our website is your best choice. We are the official reseller in the USA.

So can we buy the SX Gear flashcart in Amazon or Aliexpress or eBay? In fact, none of them support flashcard or modchip business, these Piracy products are forbidden to sell in Amazon, Aliexpress, and eBay. If you see any retailer sells them on one of those sites, their product link will be removed soon and their store may be closed in the end. So buying SX Gear, SX Pro or any other flashcard from Amazon/Aliexpress/Ebay is very Risky!

Our website is a really good choice that supports the free shipping/USPS/DHL/, and you can get your order very soon, we support Paypal payment.


How to play free 3DS, NES and Switch games on v6.0.1 firmware version?

Nintendo has released new version 6.0.1, update 6.0.0 which added the NES software library and a bunch of other features related to online play, so, how to play NES games on Nintendo Switch 6.0.1? How can we play 3ds games on with Nintendo Switch 6.0.1? Following us, you can get the answers.

How to play the free 3ds game on Nintendo Switch V6.0.1?

Can we play 3ds game on Nintendo Switch 6.0.1? No, if you want to play 3ds games, the Sky3ds+ and stargate 3ds will be the best choice to play 3ds games on 3ds V11.8.0, with the updates of Sky3DS+, all the players can enjoy free 3DS games on the latest 3DS firmware, as we know, we used a Gateway 3DS to pirate the 3DS games, and it’s too complicated to crack 3DS by using a Gateway 3DS flashcart. What’s more, it cannot support 3DS 11.8.

However, a Sky3DS+ and Stargate 3DS help you to enjoy free 3DS games on the latest 3DS 11.8.0-41E. Will we buy a Sky3DS Plus or Stargate 3DS flash cart? Firstly, these two flashcarts support the latest 3DS V11.8.0-41E. If you have already updated your 3DS firmware to the latest version, then these two products are good choices.


You can choose a 3DS flashcart according to your needs. For the Sky3DS+, it reads only free 3DS games. As we know, we can play 3DS games as well as DS games on a Nintendo 3DS. But this Sky3DS Plus card reads only 3DS games, so if you want to play free DS games just as Pokemon White and Black, Super Mario DS, then this flashcart cannot read them.

In this situation, you need to buy an R4 3DS card to enjoy free DS games. If you prefer enjoying free 3DS games as well as DS games in just one card, then the Stargate 3DS is a perfect choice. It’s the first flashcart that reads the 3DS games and DS games in the 3DS 11.8.0-41.

For the price, the Sky3DS+ is much higher than a Stargate 3DS. Because it can support the latest 3DS games, just as Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, for Stargate 3DS, it cannot support the latest games.

How to play NES game on Nintendo Switch 6.0.1?

From the update new of Nintendo Switch 6.0.1, we can know that the service will also launch with a selection of classic NES games for download. It can host 20 upon launch, can we play NES games on Nintendo Switch 6.0.1? No, we can not, but we can use Classic 2 Magic to more NES games on SNES Mini, it’s an attachment for the SNES Classic Edition that will allow gamers to load a non-included video game onto the current 16-bit clone. Installing the device to the system requires only the included USB cable and a power source, and does not require any soldering or modification to the SNES Classic.

Not only will the Classic 2 Magic be compatible with original Super Nintendo cartridges, but it will also support any SNES cartridge from any region as well. In addition, it will also play backup game ROM images for the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom via the built-in USB drive. The device can also copy the ROM image from the original game cartridge to it’s own internal memory, without the need for special software.

How to play Switch games on v6.0.1 firmware version?

For this moment, we are sure that SX Pro, SX OS, SX Gear are compatible with Nintendo Switch 6.0.1, Team Xecuter products are still the best choice to crack the console switch 6.0.1.

SX OS is a CFW operating system created by Team Xecuter, Xecuter SX Pro, a USB stick kit, an RCM JIG module, and an OS software license. It allows you to play free games on your switch, and it is compatible with all firmware versions and all regions. SX OS is a software license to install a CFW on your Switch console, it can be run on any firmware version and region.

Then, it is compatible with the installation of Homebrews and the reading of the game’s backups. Turn on an SD card. Once you have successfully installed the CFW SX operating system on the console, you can enjoy both free games and new Homebrew features. Using a CFW SX operating system, you can easily boot into the normal Nintendo switch firmware to enjoy your original games and support an OFW game to run the games.


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Nintendo Switch hacking V6.0.0, What’s the safe ways to Jailbreak Nintendo Switch?

Every device can be hacked. Hackers and manufacturers often fight an eternal battle with patches and new hacks as weapons. But the Nintendo Switch hack seems to have far-reaching consequences for the consumer. So, when we updated the Nintendo Switch to V6.0.0, What’s the safe ways to Jailbreak Nintendo Switch? On the below, you will find the answers.

Detailed informations of Nintendo Switch Hacking

We will first outline the context of the problem. Earlier, we brought all the news that Homebrew could possibly endanger the Nintendo Switch. Hackers have already found ways to break into the Nintendo Switch a while ago. This opens doors for creative minds, but also for dark types with evil intentions.

Now you can think that a hack can be solved: Nintendo releases patches just like in the past and then it will be fine again. But in the end it is all different because the hardware was hacked back a while ago. The Nintendo Switch does not even have to be completely booted by hackers’ behavior before homebrew can be loaded to take over the complete system.

This calls for fierce Firmware wars between hackers and Nintendo that can still try Firmware updates on current devices. Although users can of course refuse to update and take it for granted, they can no longer be online. Hackers in any case use weak spots in the processor and you can not just replace them with a system that is already on the market. This is only possible with renewed models.

Can I hack my Switch yet?

Homebrew Launcher exists, CFW exists in some form. The CFW ReiNX exists and is working right now. The CFW Atmosphère-NX is in development and is being readied “asap” for public use. All CFWs currently require some way to boot into Recovery Mode (RCM).

Alternatively, you can buy SX OS or SX Pro from Team Xecuter for CFW and your backup creation and loading needs. There’s also Lakka, a Linux distribution that contains a number of emulators. Check for how to install homebrew launcher on 1.0.0 through 3.0.0.

What’s the best firmware to be on?

Most units are vulnerable to a bootrom exploit. Some units sold around July 10, 2018 and later have a patched bootrom! Get a Switch from before July, ideally. You can identify the patched units by checking their product code: “HAC-S-JXE-C3” are patched units.

Right now, the state of affairs is:

Bootrom exploit and launcher Fusée Gelée has been released already. You require a hardware jig or need to fiddle with the joy-cons to make use of it. The CFW ReiNX is usable now, but requires the bootrom exploit. The CFW Atmosphère-NX is in development and is being readied for public use. A 0.7 release is planned sometime in August 2018. It also requires the bootrom exploit.

For a more detailed view of the firmware/hardware status, see You can use this to check if a Switch you’re planning to buy is or isn’t exploitable.

Will doing … get me banned?

Nobody quite knows. Nobody can know for sure. Nintendo can change their server-side checks on how to identify users to ban. In short — if you run a CFW or Homebrew Launcher, you’re at risk. Anyway, if you ever want to connect to the Internet, the console already has stored information about the CFW you use, so you’ll get the BAN anyway. This may slightly delay (if not eliminate) the receipt of BAN. From my point of view, it’s nice from the Xecuter team,the SX OS V1.6 supports stealth mode, it can help players avoid being banned,and now SX Products are in stock on,  but I think there’s still a lot of stuff going on Nintendo servers, and it’s not quite possible to cut it 100%. And even some complete erasure is not possible at the moment. Although, why not, I would certainly welcome it, but I do not take it as something important.

Disabling error reporting may help (Atmosphère-NX will have a custom creport that does not upload error reports anyway). Deleting error logs after the fact will likely only work for you if your console does not go online between before the time of the creation of the error log and after the deletion of the log.

Trying to pirate anything will likely get you banned. Downloaded titles have unique tickets, cartridges have unique certificates, both are unforgeable. There have been reports of CDN bans if your console’s certificate is used to access the CDN. That means you won’t even be able to run a system update anymore. If you have been banned from the CDN, you can still use ChouDujourNX to update your console.

However, the most certain method to avoid being banned is either not going online (or just accepting the ban) or not using CFW/Homebrew Launcher. Ideally, you’d have two devices: one for online play and one for hacking.


Hacking Nintendo Switch, What’s the best free CFW for Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch has been hacked for a while, On the market, there are some ways to install CFW for Nintendo Switch, and do you know the detailed news? What’s the free CFW for Nintendo Switch? Can we use the SX OS to install CFW on Nintendo Switch ? Following us, you can find answers on the below.

ReiNX, a new free CFW for Nintendo Switch

This is a free CFW created by the developer Reisyukaku, it returns to the front of the scene Switch underground with its promise, ReiNX, a custom firmware bootloader. In the manner of Hekate in its launch, it is not a complete CFW and is not based on an implemented build of atmosphere. Currently, it allows us to change the boot screen and it can start the hbmenu.

ReiNX is the most effective free CFW on the market right now! But you’re gonna need to get into the thing, so that’s where this helpful guide comes into play. You’ll need a few things before we get started:


  • Works on all Nintendo Switch firmwares AUTOMATICALLY, no need to manually swap files around on your microSD !
  • Supports homebrew via latest hbloader and hbmenu (fully customizable button combo and titleId you want to use to enter hbmenu, default is to launch hbmenu instead of Album unless “R” is held)
  • Supports exefs redirection, exefs patches, unsigned ncas and tickets (“sigpatching”)
  • Supports extra options like LayeredFS (for romfs patches) and PreventGCUpdate via launch menu options!
  • Reduced telemetry by blocking eclct sysmodule from running, also uses creport that dumps to microSD instead of uploading to Nintendo.

Atmosphere for installing CFW on Nintendo Switch?

As we know, for a year since the launch of Nintendo Switch, a group of ReSwitched hack has published a way to crack the Switch, which is called “Fusée Frozen”, it is an exploit that uses a flaw is linked on the chip Nvida, which could be exploited to execute arbitrary code. Thanks to the frozen rocket exploit, the developer SciresM finally announced an estimate for the release of the custom firmware Atmosphère-NX for this summer. Of course, the development of the CFW is progressing, so it shows that it has managed to redirect operations to the microSD card, it means that any application can be launched from the memory card instead of having to launch it into the system. operating.

The future CFW Atmosphere-NX currently under development on Nintendo Switch will be an equivalent of what Luma3DS is on the Nintendo 3DS handheld console family. He announces that it will be compatible on all firmwares, but unfortunately, Atmosphere CFW for Nintendo Switch is not ready yet.

What does Atmosphere NX currently allow:

  •     Use a Linux Arc
  •     Use Hombrew Launcher
  •     Using some emulator

What’s the SX OS CFW to hack Nintendo Switch?

Xecuter SX OS is a CFW created by Team Xecuter to crack Nintendo Switch. It is a part of another product of SX Family. It allows you to play free games in .XCI form on your Nintendo Switch. With the CFW SX OS, there is not a limited region, and it is compatible with all firmware versions, including the latest version 5.1.0. Once you have successfully installed the CFW SX OS on the console, you could enjoy both free games and new Hombrew features.

The most important reason we would like to choose SX OS is its good value for money. Although it is only a software license, actually, it is such an important program as a key to the switch hack. With it, you no longer need to buy the Nintendo Switch cartridges at a high price, and you will not need anything to make the change on the Nintendo switch because it is complete with everything you need. If you buy SX Pro, SX OS is included in it, when you receive it , just following the official guide to activate the SX OS license.


As for Xecuter SX OS, it belongs to the Xecuter SX Pro, it is a flashcard of the Nintendo Switch hack software. This product allows you to install a program to hack Switch on your console, maybe you could get a code to download some files on the Internet after you ordered this product from a seller. And then, if you excel at computing or dig into the hack of the hack game, I think it’s not difficult for you to get a dongle USB and other stuff that looks like the JIG module. So you could choose this product for its good value.

Either way, three ways are not bad, you could choose it depending on your need. If you would like to buy Xecuter SX OS or Pro, I suggest our website, it is always the best choice for you. Because we are the official reseller of Team Xecuter, and we could offer you the best service and free and fast delivery. Do not hesitate to buy from us, we are always available.


Team SX OS, Paid Jailbreak for Nintendo Switches Includes Anti-Piracy Code

Hacking group Team Xecuter—the developers of Nintendo Switch jailbreaking software SX OS that helps gamers play homebrewed and pirated games on the console—has itself been caught using anti-piracy measures in its own code that can brick your Switch, if it detects you are trying to crack it for unauthorized distribution. On the below, we will show the more detailed information about SX OS.

Can we use SX OS to hack Switch?

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you must be aware that to fight piracy on the console, the company has an anti-piracy measure in place that uses encrypted certificates to verify a game’s legitimacy. If it detects any pirated game or modified console, the Switch immediately gets banned from the company’s online servers.

Although it’s hilarious that pirates are using anti-piracy measures to protect its own paid software that helps others to run pirated games on Nintendo Switches. To bypass these restrictions, developers’ groups like Team Xecuter (TX) offer jailbreaking software that enables gamers to play pirated games on the gaming console. Earlier this month, Team Xecuter (TX) released its custom jailbroken firmware, dubbed SX OS, for Nintendo’s latest Switches, along with a dongle (SX Pro) for booting the firmware on the console. 

However, it appears that Team Xecuter believes some pirates might try to crack its software, like the company itself did by cracking Nintendo Switch. Therefore, TX ironically added a ‘brick code’ into its SX OS firmware which can lock up the Switch’s internal memory (eMMC) with a totally random password if it detects an attempt to crack or free distribute its software online.

The discovery was made by UK-based vulnerability researcher Mike Heskin, who reverse engineered the SX OS code, intentionally triggered the bricking feature, and eventually ended up bricking his own Switch with a randomly generated password. 

Heskin then revealed that the anti-piracy countermeasure could potentially brick people’s console who are using SX OS normally.

“The code can indeed trigger with normal usage, but the odds are so low that is very unlikely that anyone will be affected by this (unless you’re messing with voltage or time-sensitive stuff),” Heskin tweeted. “These were direct observations from reverse engineering and testing their code.”

Tne News of SX OS V1.5

Another day, another small update with some convenient new functionality for SX OS!

Lets have a look at whats new:

  • Added mass NSP install (and optional delete) functionalityUsers who want to install a lot of NSP titles at once can now easily do so by pressing [Y] in the installer tab. Upon finish the NSP installer will also ask you if you want to delete the NSP source files from your microSD card, freeing up space and keeping every neat and tidy!
  • FTP server supportYou can now enable

    a FTP server from the options tab in our menu that will keep running even once the menu is closed. This FTP server gives direct access to your microSD card, so you no longer have to eject the card to store/retrieve files.

  • More content directoriesSome people complained that they didn’t like all the XCI/NSP/NRO files in the root of their SD card. We have to agree that becomes a bit messy, so the menu will now scan the following directories as well looking for game content:
    • /sxos/games
    • /sxos/xci
    • /sxos/nsp
    • /sxos
    • /switch/games
    • /switch/xci
    • /switch/nsp
    • /switch

Where is the reliable site to purchase SX products to hack Nintendo Switch?

In any case, Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS allow you to play free games on all consoles under all firmware versions. It’s the most economical solution to crack the Switch so far I assure you that you will not regret it if you have chosen it. Currently, SX OS V1.5 allows us to play eshop games, it’s really good news. Of course, it’s very important to choose a reliable site to make a purchase of Xecuter SX OS or SX Pro. I highly recommend our website, we can offer you the best service before and after the sale. Do not hesitate to make a purchase with us.


Buy Xecuter SX Pro, Can we use it to play Octopath Traveler for hacking Nintendo Switch?

With the release of Octopath Traveler, many players who might be new to JRPGS or just those who might need a little help in getting over a particularly difficult encounter should consider grabbing the Golden Axe. On this article, we will show the helpful way to p[lay Octopath Traveler. And can we use SX Pro for playing this games to hack switch? Following us, you can find the answers.

Do you want to play Octopath Traveler on your Nintendo Switch?

Since the release of Octopath Traveler on the Switch, there have been plenty of positive headlines about how well the game has sold. It’s performed so well, in fact, developer Square Enix previously issued two apologies after underestimating the game’s popularity in Japan. Many local JRPG enthusiasts were unable to secure a physical copy because of the shortages – with no other method of acquiring the game other than a digital download via the eShop. 

Last we heard, one of the largest video game and electronic retailers in Japan got a restock of the game, only for it to sell out in three hours. Now, in the latest update, the game just got another restock in Japan. Once again, due to the high demand, there simply wasn’t enough copies to go around as Yodobashi Camera sold out. Meanwhile, Amazon Japan doesn’t get its next shipment until 13th August.

So, Now if you wnat to play this games and don’t want to wait fo the long time, SX Pro is a good choice to buy for hacking switch, Team Executor’s custom SX OS firmware also has been released for the Nintendo Switch. Because it is a hardware exploit, it is a future proof solution that works on any version of the Switch, even users on the latest 5.1.0 official firmware. So what can you do with SX OS? A few of the benefits are:

  • Play Nintendo Switch Homebrew
  • Play downloaded/backup copies of your Switch games
  • Card2 games are supported
  • SX Pro dongle is highly portable and eliminates the need of injecting payload via PC cable. Dongle firmware can also be updated.

Buy Xecuter SX Pro, Can we use it to play Octopath Traveler for hacking Nintendo Switch?

Of course yes, use this method, you are no need to purchase Octopath Traveler physical or digit version but you can still play this game on your Nintendo Switch. How? Just hack your Nintendo Switch to play Free Downloaded Games, includes the latest Octopath Traveler. For cracking you Nintendo Switch, you only need the SX OS license or the SX Pro from Team Xecuter. What are they? Let me tell you here.

SX Pro and SX OS are belonging to the SX Family products from Team Xecuter, they are being produced for jailbreaking the Nintendo Switch with any firmware version to install a custom firmware. Then users can download free Switch roms to a sd card, and play them freely on their Nintendo Switch handheld. 


  • Compatible with all regions
  • Compatible with all firmwares
  • Play Nintendo Switch Homebrew
  • Play downloaded/backup copies of your Switch games
  • Real time game switching
  • Card2 games are supported
  • SX Pro dongle is highly portable and eliminates the need of injecting payload via cable. Dongle firmware can also be updated.

SX OS plays game backups/ROMs that are in the form of .XCI files (trimmed .XCI files work too). All of the 20+ games I have loaded using SX OS have worked flawlessly. There was no lag while loading or playing the game, it ran like any other normal downloaded or cart game. SX OS also works with card2 games and eShop game support will come in later versions.

Where is the official site to buy SX Pro and oS for hacking games? is the best choice, we are the official reseller, you can search us from the Team Xecuter official site. if you buy SX Pro and SX OS on our site now,  we are your Safe, Legit, Reliable, Cheap and Fast choice. We are accepting as one of the TX official dealer in USA, we are using International Safe payment-Paypal, we can ship from HK/USA/FR, the most importantly, Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS are On Sale in our site, you can order them from us with an extra Voucher Code. So if you want to buy a cheaper SX Pro or SX OS from a trusted and reputable site, just order from us, 3DS-Flashcard site. Octopath Traveler’s price on Amazon is 99.9$, so expensive, if you buy SX pro on our site now, we can give you the perfect customer service.


Team Rebug-The latest SX OS Injector for playing free Switch games

Now that, there are some hottest news of Team Rebug, thay have put on the final touches to their ‘SwitchME‘ modchip for the Nintendo Switch console, they have added some ‘breakout’ solder pads for future expansion and other usages, but it still only needs 4 wires for normal installs on your Switch, and it can compatible with SX OS, on the below,we will show the detailed information about this product and SX OS.

Team Rebug showcases Nintendo Switch modchip

Hacker evilsperm of team rebug fame has been sharing a few screenshots and videos of a modchip for the Nintendo switch. The device will let you boot into RCM mode as well as run payloads without the use of an external dongle. This can be a more elegant solution for those of us willing to solder a few wires. This is not using a new hack, rather another way to leverage the Tegra exploit that was disclosed a while ago.

The hacker had been tweeting about his progress for a few months now, posting blueprints and other screenshots of the work in progress. The final result can be seen in the screenshot below. A tiny board that fits inside the Nintendo Switch (that’s the blue PCB with a handful of red wires).

Nintendo Switch Dev Board

You can use this to launch Custom Firmware’s for the Nintendo Switch.


Xecuter SX Pro, Is the best flashcard to hack Nintendo Switch?

The Matrix team announces a RCM Dongle and a free CFW for Nintendo Swtich, the news shows a competition between Xecuter SX Pro and Matrix team , So, what’s the different these two products? On the below, we will show the detailed information about Xecuter SX pro and this RCM Dongle. 

The news of RCM Dongle:

A few days ago an e-mail came from the Matrix Team (which you can find below), already famous in its time for the mods Playstation 2, and more recently for its modchip for Playstation 4. This time it’s back stronger than never announcing his Custom Firmware and a RCM Dongle.

Dear friend

You are receiving this email because you have updated your information in our records and / or you are one of our VIP clients.

However as promised, we have good news.

MTX RCM Dongle:

     Compatible with our CFW and other “open source” firmware / payloads

An internal battery lasting around 2 years (~ 4000 starts)

It will soon be in production

MTX custom firmware can be started from the MTX dongle or from a PC without the need for a license (it will not be tied to a specific dongle or console).

The first image of the product is attached.

Compatible with every “open source” CFW / payload

As specified by them the Dongle RCM will not only start the CFW Matrix, but also any other Custom Firmware or existing “open source” payload.

For now, the information is limited and we must limit ourselves to a “Coming Soon”, so it seems that they intend to compete with the Xecuter Team and their SX OS and SX PRO, the latter will be watching?

SX OS features according to the manufacturer

Works with every switch

● SX OS works with every Nintendo Switch and every firmware version!

Play every game

● With SX OS you can play all your favorite games directly from your SD card on your switch.

Homebrew Games & Apps

● The SX OS Homebrew Menu Launcher lets you launch games and software from independent developers.

Far-reaching support

● Team Xecuter is constantly working to further develop SX OS to bring you new features.

Double functionality

● With the SX OSLauncher you can easily boot into the normal switch firmware to start your original games.

Set up

First, the SX PRO dongle needs to be charged, the easiest way is to plug in the SWITCH console.

After a maximum of 5 seconds, this also signals a green LED on the front of the SX PRO dongle.

Illustrated instructions are provided by the Xecuter team.

点击以访问 manu…Guide_v1.0.pdf

To activate the SX PRO dongle there is another manual.

点击以访问 manu…X_Pro_v1.2.pdf

For the use of SX OS software without SX PRO dongle, the team provides a separate guide.

点击以访问 manu…_SXOS_v1.2.pdf

Reviews of Xecuter SX Pro and OS

What’s more, it’s really simple to install this product to your Nintendo Switch, so for the beginners, you will just play and plugin.

In addition, it’s safe to enjoy all free games without being banned by BigN. Because we don’t need to modify the Nintendo Switch console. And the official webaite team-xecuter is really professional for hacking the consoles.

For region free, this Xecuter SX Pro supports all the regions and all the firmware versions, so it can hack Switch on the latest firmware V5.1.0. It just has a disadvantage, it’s risky to play online, so you should turn off the Wifi to avoiding a ban. So, where can we purchase SX pro to hack Switch?

This product is a very good choice to hack a Nintendo Switch. Because there does not have another way to play free Switch games in the market. And the price is not expensive at all. As we know, an original cartridge of Switch is expensive, for example, a game of Super Mario Odyssey is almost 41$ on, and a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is 49$ on amazon. Fortunately, this Xecuter SX Pro modchip allows you to play unlimited Switch games by using a Micro SD card just for 50$ in our website


Ntrboothax, is it compatible with a CFW Luma3DS on 3DS V11.7.0-40?

As you know, the latest version 11.7.0-40 on the 3DS console has already been released about a month ago. Of course, many players choose an R4 card or a 3DS flashcard to play free games on their consoles that have been updated to the latest version. On the other hand, there are still other advanced users who would completely hack its 3DS console to install a CFW to enjoy many features. A CFW Luma3DS is the best choice, but is it compatible with the latest version? Which card can we use to crack the 3DS console by installing a CFW? You could find an answer here.

What’s new in the latest version 11.7.0-40?

Indeed, there are not many changes for this version, as usual, it is just an improvement of the performance of the console and other adjustments to optimize the user experience. The overall performance and security of the console have been improved and various minor adjustments have been made to maximize user comfort.

CFW Luma3DS, what is it for?

Luma 3DS which was created to crack the 3DS console is the best CFW so far, this firmware has a solid reputation in the world of the 3DS hack is even established as the most used CFW on 2DS, 2DS consoles XL, OLD 3DS, New 3DS XL, New 2DS XL, including the latest version 11.7.0-40.

As you know, it’s not easy to install Luma3DS on your console, while installing luma requires a lot of steps and downloading lots of patches. If you are not good at manipulation or computer science, it will be difficult. This is what we call “Cracking” a 3DS. It changes the firmware data, accesses and copies the NAND and can ruin it, even if it is usually because of its own fault (the installation is usually a little dangerous if you do not do it properly).

You need a CFW 3DS to install homebrew (or unlimited hacking of game ROMs) directly on your home menu. Currently, a CFW 3DS can be easily configured on any console with the NTRboot exploit and has several functions. That’s why the CFW 3DS is popular.

What is the best Ntrboothax flashcard that can be chosen?

Ntrboot is a flaw in the system of the Nintendo 3DS family console, thanks to the discovery of exploit, you can completely crack Nintendo 3DS. So far, there are three R4i b9s 3ds , R4i Gold 3DS Plus and Ace3ds X, which support both ds and ntrboothax backups.

For all three cards, they are pre-flashed with Ntrboot, it’s easier for you to install the CFW 3DS on your console and reduce the risk of ban. So, a ntrboothax  is a good choice for users who wanted to crack their 3DS console.

The benefits of Ntrboothax flashcards

  • Compatible with DS games
  • Work on any 3DS model and firmwares (including the latest version 11.7.0-40).
  • Install the homebrews on your console and make them appear in the HOME menu.
  •  Save, edit, and restore backups for many games.
  •  Play retro games with different emulators, using RetroArch or other standalone emulators.
  •  Compatible with NTRboothax.
  •  Region-free to play games.

Ace3ds X, R4i b9s 3ds and R4i Gold 3DS Plus, what is the best Ntrboothax on a 3DS V11.7.0-40?

If you would like to play free DS games and install CFW easily, you could choose a card that is already pre-flashed Ntrboothas. Then, after getting a CFW on 3DS, you can enjoy more and more features, for example, play 3ds games in CIA format and install freeeshop to download and play 3ds eshop games.


  1. Work on any 3DS model and firmwares.
  2. Play DS games
  3. Compatible with NTRboothax.
  4. Pre-flashed with NTRboot flash.
  5. Region-free to play games.

The differences


  • Firmware: Both Ace3ds X and R4i 3ds plus use the WoodR4 kernel but the 3ds R4i b9s works with r4i-3ds v1.84b from
  • Special feature: the Ace3ds X has a button to switch to two different modes, but R4i 3ds plus and r4i b9s do not have it.
  • Package Content: There is a free magnet in the package of Ace3ds X and R4i b9s, while the R4i gold 3ds plus does not offer it.
  • Price: Ace3ds X is the most expensive to buy while both, and the R4i b9s 3ds card is the cheapest.

Therefore, between the three flashcards here, the best to buy to play free DS games and 3DS games (CIA format) is the R4i gold 3ds plus thanks to its good price-quality ratio. The Ace3ds X and R4i b9s 3ds have its advantages too, one is the easiest card to use and the other is the cheapest to buy, you can also choose one or the other depends on your needs.

Why choose a Ntrboothax flashcard from us to hack your 3DS console?

Therefore, if you would like to crack your 3DS console under the latest V11.7.0-40 update, a Ntrboothax flashcard is a good choice, because there are not too many changes on this version. Of course, the most important is choosing a reliable site to make a purchase. I strongly suggest our site, you could enjoy the best service here, there are several flashcards sold at us and the quality is under warranty. Feel free to make a purchase from us, welcome to our site, we are always at your disposal.